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Beni Mrirt Rug. Ref 1002

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Handcrafted from natural organic wool, The Beni Mrirt rugs are known for their smooth geometric patterns and minimalist style. They come in many colors and complete all the home decor, from bohemian to modern while adding an additional Moroccan touch.

Soft, thick and cosy, thanks to their rich texture, they adapt very well to your room, lounge, office, child's room and any space at home.

If you are looking for a luxurious rug that is both traditional and contemporary, a Beni Mrirt rug is the one that suits you.



- Handmade with love in Morocco
- Custom Sizes & colours Available
100% Organic Wool
- Ivory White
High Pile - appx. 3 cm Thickness

Disclaimer: Subtle variations in line thickness, asymmetry of the geometric designs and color imperfections are exactly the details that make these rugs unique.

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